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One of the benefits of membership is our newsletter, usually published quarterly.  Articles are submitted by our members, and cover historical as well as contemporary subjects of interest to our readers.  The newsletter is a useful forum for posing genealogical questions to the other three hundred or so members, allowing us to tap into the collective research efforts of the entire membership.  This is also the place to learn of new books, web sites and other sources of Rucker information.  The officers and Board members use the newsletter to keep the general membership current on Society projects, and upcoming reunions.
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     A more detailed Index begins in v. 20, no. 1, March 2009
v. 8 no. 1          David Irvine Rucker - Texas Ranger
March 1997      Ruckers of the 10th Texas Infantry
                      Ruckersville, GA Highway Marker
                      Rucker Cemetery Records

v. 8 no. 2 & 3    Dr. Henry Cowles Rucker
Summer 1997   The Oklahoma City Bombing
                      Questions and Answers 
                      Election Whiskey
                      E-Mail, Zoom - Zooommm
                      Family Reunions
                      A Success Story from the Internet
                      Proud New DAR Members
                      Civil War Studies
                      Captain Joshua Tinsley Rucker
                      In Memoriam
                      Letter from the Editor
                      Board Meeting Minutes
                      Objectives of The Rucker Family Society

v. 8 no. 4          Family Profile - George Foster Rucker
Dec. 1997         Martha Matilda Rucker Cooper
                      "Wild West Ruckers"
                      Dorothy and Stanton Cain 50th Anniversary
                      "Missing" Poem
                      Questions and Answers
                      In Memoriam
                      Confederate Ruckers Update
                      President's Letter
                      Reunion Highlights
                      Visit to the Grand Ole Opry
                      Terry the Tractor

v. 9 no. 1       Samuel Burkes Rucker Confederate Cavalry
March 1998    Point Lookout Ruckers
                    Letter from Stephanie Routon Tayloe
                    In Memoriam and 50th Anniversary
                    1996 Board of Directors

v. 9 no. 2&3    Family Profile - Jean B. Robinson
Summer 1998 Reunion Photo
                    Rucker Family Society Minutes
                    William Rucker Cemetery, Arno, TN
                    Jeannie - alogy
                    Land of Ambrose Rucker
                    WW I Letter
                    In Memoriam
                    50th Anniversaries
                    Questions and Answers
                    Burial of James Rucker

v. 9 no. 4        Ancestor Quest:  Watts and Rucker Families
Dec. 1998      Questions and Answers William Parks Rucker
                    In Memoriam
                    Dr. Peggy Rucker
                    Rueben Dawson Rucker Photo Search
                    President's Letter
                    A James River Tobacco Batteau
v.10 no. 1         Who Was Tavenar Rucker?
March 1999      Spring Cleaning in Amherst Co., Virginia
                      Unknown Rucker Burials
                      Eliza Rucker and William Parker
                      Samuel Rucker
                      Samuel and Diannah Rucker of WV
                      Ruckers of Paducah, KY
                      Claude Lee Rucker Jr, Obituary
                      Doyle and Dorothy Bloomer Anniversary
                      Genealogical Web Sites

v. 10 no. 2       Ambrose L. Rucker of Bedford Co and MO
June 1999        Williamson Co, TN Ruckers Honored
                      Rucker Chapel, Wapella, IL
                      Ruckers of Co. E, 2nd Va Cavalry, CSA
                      Questions and Answers
                      Corrections and Updates
                      President's Letter

v. 10 no. 3       Cindi and Keith Meyer Family Profile
Sept. 1999       Roy and Mary Rucker
                      In Memoriam
                      Questions and Answers
                      Terry the Tractor
                      William & Mary Rucker, Shenandoah Co.
                      Notes form the President

v.10 no.4          The Blue Sash       
Dec. 1999        William T. & Verenda S. Rucker Portraits
                      Ambrose L. Rucker Addendum
                      Fort Rucker, Arizona
                      Gen. Daniel Henry Rucker Query
                      Anniversaries and In Memoriam
                      Questions and Answers
                      President's Letter
v.11 no.1           Lila Deis and her Musical Family 
March 2000       Josph Allen Rucker & his Homeplace
                       Letter to the Editor
                       In Memoriam
                       First Rucker Birth of 2000
                       Questions and Answers
                       The Infamous Dr. Rucker
                       Kentucky Rucker Obits. 1787-1854

v.11 no.2          Jack and Dagmar White
June 2002         Brunetta Rucker
                       Raines/Rucker Reunion
                       Bayard Chappelear Rucker
                       Dr. Rucker Revisited
                       My Elusive Ancestor  A Poem

v.11 no.3           Those Restless Ruckers
Sept. 2000        Loren and Alice Rucker
                       In Memoriam
                       Questions and Answers
                       Everett, WA Rucker Tomb
                       Terry the Tractor
                       2000 Rucker Reunion, Williamsburg, VA
                       Photo Corner:  Alice and Loren Rucker

v.11 no.4           Five Generations of Sudies
Dec. 2000         Another Sudie Rucker Wood
                       The Rucker Family Society Meeting
                       Alexander Stirling and Ann Alston book
                       50th Anniversary
                       Youngest Reunion Attendee
                       Query: John Rucker & Elizabeth Price
                       Family Letters
                       Editor's Note
                       Photo Corner:  Frances Rucker Mckee
V.12 no. 1       1911 Ephraim Isaac Rucker family photo
March 2001     Life in Lawrence Co., OH
                     Prayer of Ambrose S. Rucker Jr.
                     Joseph [3] Rucker
                     James River Batteau Festival
                     In Memoriam

v.12 no.2          Capt. Angus Rucker
June 2001        Allen Willis Rucker and son
                      A Genealogy Poem
                      Bertha ("Birdie") Rucker
                      Legend of Peter Rucker, Immigrant
                      Alice J. Rucker & Dr. W.L. Suggett
                      Who was Richard E. Rucker?

v.12 no.3         William A. Rucker's War Experiences
Sept. 2001       In Memoriam
                      Five James M. Ruckers
                      Another James M. Rucker
                      Queries from the Internet
                      Howard & Alice Rucker Allen Anniversary  
                      Vance Rucker A Mini-Profile
                      Our Rucker & Balser Heritage book
                      President's Note
                      Photo:  Jason and Catherine Rucker Blake

v.12 no.4          James Fred Rucker Family Profile
Ded. 2001        Ron Payne's TN and MO Booklets
                      Lone Pine Cemetery, Telluride, CO
                      In Memoriam
                      A Black Rucker Society
                      Julius Rucker
                      President's Letter
v.13 no.1            Luther Cecil "Gill" Gillespie
March 2002        Gillespei Family Notes
                        What Happened to Benjamin Rucker?
                        James Madison Rucker
                        Durango, CO Burial Records
                        In Memoriam
                        African-American Ruckers

v.13 no.2           Joseph H. Rucker San Jose, CA Mansion
June 2002          Benjamin Rucker cntd. from v.13 no.1
                        In Memoriam
                        2002 Reunion in Kansas City, MO plans
                        President's Letter
                        Photo Corner:  Clay Family Reunion

v.13 no.3           Robert Sumner Family of Gastonia, NC
Sept. 2002         Wyatt Rucker, Montgomery Co., Ky query
                        Marriage Records of Greenup Co., KY
                        Rucker/Rooker in NC
                        Colorado Research
                        African-American Corner
                        Darius Rucker
                        "Crocodile Hunter's" Wife is a Rucker
                        In Memoriam
                        Photo Corner: Lemuel Rucker's Ohio Grave

v.13 no.4            Kansas City Rucker Reunion Recap
Dec. 2002          Westward the Ruckers, Central Missouri
                        Reunion Meeting Minutes
                        The Trip Home; following the wagon train West
                        Santa Fe, NM Ruckers
                        African-American Corner
                        In Memoriam
                        Photo Corner:  James & Estelle McDaniel
v.14 no.1         Clinton Allen Rucker
March 2003     Rucker Chapel, Santa Clara, CA
                     Who were Benjamin & Anna Rucker
                     Source of the Name "Rucker"
                     Nathaniel M. & Alice Rucker Photo
                     Lucretia Rucker's Tombstone Query
                     Michael John Neill
                     In Memoriam
v.14 no.2         George "Nap" Rucker, baseball ace
June 2003       Rookers of NC
                     Rucker Owned Businesses
                     1880 Federal Census Ruckers
                     In Memoriam
v.14 no.3&4     Steven Liss Rucker
Winter 2003    Edmund Rucker Agee
                     John & Ruth Rucker
                     Bill Rucker  
                     Jasper Newton Rucker Bible
                     Slave Schedules
                     Steve Rucker, Research Nurse
                     Legends of Peter Rucker's Arrival
                     In Memoriam
                     Addison Wedding and Photo
v.15 no.1          High Water on the James
March 2004       Rucker Ancestral Photos on the Web
                       In Memoriam
                       Mike Rucker, Carolina Panther player
                       Dr. J.J. Rucker
                       Dewberry Family Book
                       President's Note

v.15 no. 2          Lemuel or Samuel  Deciphering Old Handwriting
June 2004         James E. Rucker, Troup, TX Query
                       Mohave Co., AZ Marriage Records
                       Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865
                       Denton Co., TX Rucker Cemetery
                       Oak Hill Cemetery, Benton Co,. IA
                       Researching the War Between the States
                       In Memoriam
                       Cemetery Etiquette

v. 15 no.3&4     The Rucker Family Reunion 2004
Sept/Dec 2004  Society Meeting Minutes 2004
                       In Memoriam
                       If Walls Could Talk: Portrait of English Life
                       African-American Rucker Webpage
                       Denton, TX Rucker Cemetary
                       Registrar's Note:  Membership Database
v.16 no.1&2     Johnny Rucker, Crabapple Comet
Mar/Jun 2005   "Sholto" & Meriwether Connection
                     In Memoriam
                     James Rucker, Madison Co., TN
                     Errata to Sudie Rucker Wood's book
                     Rucker Towns and Villages
                     Rucker, California
                     President's Letter
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v.16 no. 3         Our Alaskan Bush Cousins
Sept 2005         European Rucker Roots
                       In Memoriam
                       Arizona's Camp Rucker
                       Why yDNA!: Rucker DNA project
v.16 no. 4      "Rucker Noses" poem
Dec. 2005      To "Ruckerize"
                    Esther Rucker, Colonial Woman's Will
                    Lillian (Hill) Rucker & brother, Luther
                    Ruckersville, GA
                    Greenup Co,. KY Ruckers, 1810
                    Amos Rucker, Black Confederate
v. 17 no. 1       Rucker Realty
Mar 2006         Edward Woodruff Taylor
                     Claudia Rucker Stone Interview
                     Susan Pritchard Rucker
                     Freeman Pillow Jordan Jr.
                     Elizabeth [2] Rucker and James Pierce
                     Nannie P. Rucker wedding notice, 1871
v. 17 no.2        Rucker Realty Co, California
June 2006       John and Joe Rucker graves, Ruckersville
                     Amos Rucker, revisited
                     Errata to Sudie Wood's Rucker book
                     Ephraim [4] Rucker
                     Benjamin Rucker, Rev. War veteran
v. 17 no. 3&4   James [5] W. Rucker
Sep/Dec 2006  2006 Rucker Reunion
                      Annual Meeting Minutes
                      Frank E. Bazler Profile
                      Errata to Sudie Wood's Rucker book
                      The "Air-Forcer", a Rucker invention
                      Rucker surname DNA project
v. 18 no.1        The Antarctica Marathon
March 2007      Edward A. Rucker of Chicago Title
                      William and Anna Rucker Memorial
                      The Best Seat in the House Review
                      In Memorium
                      Invitation to 2008 Reunion
                      2006 Wood Family Reunion
                      Salt Lake City 2006 Reunion Pictures
v. 18 no. 2        Robert Malcolm Rucker, artist     
June, 2007       Rucker's Air Forcer Pump
                      In Memoriam
                      Margaret Rucker O'Brien
                      Photo Corner: "Grannee" Rucker
                      Rucker Mason Farm, Cannon, TN
                      James I. Rucker farm, Flint Hill, VA
v. 19,no.1&2   Eugene Chester Rucker, WWI Casualty
Mar/Jun 2008  Frank Rucker, Rockingham Co. Va query
                    Rucker DNA project update
                    In Memorium
                    Gen. Daniel Henry Rucker, USA
                    Fort Rucker, Alabama
                    Sandy Creek Baptist Ch., Amelia Co., Va
v. 19,no. 3&4  Rebecca Fox in Memoriam
Sept/Dec '09   Charlottesville Reunion Recap
                     2008 Annual Meeting Minutes
                     Elbert Rucker, 1879 to 1965
                     Dr. William Parks Rucker, Part I
v. 18 no. 3       Henry Cowles Rucker, Jr.
Sept 2007       Ahmed Rucker, Q&A
                     "Grannee" Amanda Ann Rucker
                     Rucker Mason Farm, Cannon, TN
                     In Memoriam
                     Saint Clair Rucker family photos
v. 20, no. 1       Ruckers Help in Iraq
March 2009      Rucker Marries the Veep
                      In Memoriam:  Mike Dewberry
                      Ruckers at VMI
                      Rucker's Tomb:  The Band
                      Rucker Geographical Sites
                      Dr. William Parks Rucker, Part II
                      Newsletter Index:  volumes 1 and 2
v. 20, no.2       Rocky Rucker
June, 2009      Justice Joseph Lamar Rucker
                     In Memoriam
                     Dr. William Parks Rucker, Part III
                     "Rucker Family Genealogy" errata
                     Newsletter Index:  volumes 2 and 3
v. 20, no. 3      James Monroe Rucker
Sept 2009       "The Sphere and the Cylinder" book
                     In Memoriam
                     Dr. William Parks Rucker, Part IV
                     2000 census Rucker first names
                     Newsletter Index:  volumes 4 and 5
v. 1 no. 1        Rucker Reunion 1990
May 1990        Sudie Rucker Wood's Death
                     Officers and Board Members
                     Reunion Committee Members

v. 1 no. 2        President's Letter
Aug 1990        Organizational Meeting
                     Edward Walter Rucker IV
                     Reunion Pictures
                     Request for Rucker Lineage

v. 1 no. 3         Anna Durrer Watson
Nov 1990         Tips for Genealogists
                     Peter Ruckers' Shipwreck
                     Reunion Pictures
v. 2 no. 1         Michael Price Rucker family
Feb 1991         Harriet Allen Jones family
                     Drownings of Rucker ancestors
                     The Coghill connection
                     Rudy Rucker, author
v. 2 no.2          Vixella Rucker White Family
May 1991        George Rucker's "Pleasant Vale"
                     Daniel H. Rucker family picture
                     Rucker Realty
                     In Memoriam

v. 2 no.3          Joseph Herman Rucker Family
Aug 1991        Howard and Alice Rucker Allen
                     Cemetery Repair Fund
                     "Nap" and "Johnny" Rucker

v. 2 no. 4        Treasurer's Report
Nov 1991         Washington state Rucker Reunion
                     Rod and Lou Mason Family
                     Rucker Harpsichords
                     Luther and Lillian McWhorter
v. 3 no. 1         Warner Rucker Family
Feb 1992          Rucker Harpsichords, Part II
                      Susannah and John Rucker
                      Peter Rucker's Arrival Legends
                      Ancestor Hunting
                      Hans Rucker Lineage

v. 3 no. 2         1992 Reunion Letter        
May 1992         Middle Names
                      Rucker Harpsichords, Part III
                      North Carolina Reunion
                      Batteau Festival
                      Colonial Innkeepers

v. 3 no. 3          Mary Wright, James E. Edwards
Aug 1992         Rucker-Eaves House
                      Minnie Rucker Bazler
                      Doris and Bill Camden
                      Rucker Reunion 1992

v. 3 no. 4         1992 Rucker Reunion
Nov 1992          Rucker family history reprints
                      Minutes of the Reunion Meeting
                      In Memoriam
                      Rucker Family Genealogy Errata
                      Palatines in America

v. 4 no. 1          Florence Rucker Collins
Mar 1993          Rucker Family Genealogy Errata
                      European Research
                      Colby Rucker marker
                      Mary Lane Rucker
                      Reprints of Sudie Wood's book
                      Alaska Highway

v. 4 no. 2          Hannon and May Rucker Family
Jun 1993          Ambrose [5] Rucker McDaniel
                      Board Meeting, Peaks of Otter
                      Rucker's Church
                      Thomas Jefferson's 250th birthday
                      Wingfield Family Society

v. 4 no. 3          Rucker Mansion Salvation
Sept 1993        Everett, WA Rucker sites
                      Elzaphan [5] Rucker
                      Dewberry/Rucker Memorial Marker
                      Ambrose S. Rucker Memoriam
                      "Rucker Heritage" book
                      The Oregon Trail Project

v. 4 no.4           The Ruckers of Hill Crest Farm
Dec 1993         Osterlags 60th Anniversary
                      Sudie Rucker Wood errata
                      In Memoriam
v.5 no. 1         William Casseday Rucker Family
Mar 1994         Jeannie-alogy
                     In Memoriam
                     Rucker Reunion 1994
v.5 no. 2          Otis Rucker, Tobacco Auctioneer     Jun 1994         In Memoriam
                     Rucker Reunion 1994
                     Boonsboro Country Club

v. 5 no. 3         Society Meeting Minutes
Sep 1994        Lynchburg, VA Reunion
                     Clayton Rucker - WWII
                     Rucker Books and Authors
                     Joseph Moore Rucker, Civil War

v. 5 no. 4         William Browning Rucker
Dec 1994        Gerald Benton Rucker
                     In Memoriam
                     John & Ruth Rucker Anniversary
v. 7 no. 1        Ed & Marita Taylor
Mar 1996        In Memoriam
                     Abner & Anthony Rucker
                     Nancy Morton
                     Absolom Rucker's wife
                     Rucker Reunion 1996

v. 7 no. 2         Roland & Joyce Pittman
Jun 1996         James River Batteau Festival
                     Lynchburg, VA Rucker Mansion
                     In Memoriam
                     Jeannie-alogy:  GA Rucker

v. 7 no. 3        Lewis M. "Jack" White
Sep 1996        Joshua Rucker, genealogist
                     Michael Androngoon de Rutger
                     Care of Old Books and Bibles
                     In Memoriam
                     Rucker Reunion 1996
                     John Rucker Lake

v. 7 no. 4        Society Meeting Minutes
Dec 1996        Elberton, GA Rucker Reunion
                     In Memoriam
                     Obituary Submission Guidelines
                     50th Rucker Wedding Anniversaries
v. 6 no. 1      Sidney Oliver Dewberry Family
Mar 1995       Jeannie-alogy
                   In Memoriam
                   "Spirits of our Ancestors"
                   Some Bedford Co., VA Burials
                   Questions and Answers

v. 6 no. 2       Reuben Rucker, Ruckersville, KY
Jun 1995       Clark Co., KY Rucker graveyard
                   Peter [1] Rucker, Immigrant
                   John [7] Elzy Rucker, Civil War Vet
                   Society Meeting Minutes
                   Colby Rucker Marker, Grainger, TN
                   GA Land Lotteries

v. 6 no. 3       Willard Rucker & War Dog, "Chips"
Sep 1995       Ellen Rucker Theisz
                   Peter [1] Rucker's Arrival
                   Forrest [Gump] Rucker
                   In Memoriam
                   Hazards of Old Film
                   Two Jeremiah Ruckers
v. 6 no. 4       Elizabeth Rees Shearer
Dec 1995       In Memoriam
                    Richard & Hazel Rucker
                   Dr. Sam Rucker estate, Moneta, VA
                   "A Family Tree" poem
Archived Issues of the RFS Newsletter
v. 20, no. 4     Rucker Surname DNA Project
Dec. 2009       Google books and Genealogy
                     Query: Jonathan "Tony" Rucker
                     Query: Otis Gray Rucker
                     Corrections to Sudie Wood's book
                     Newsletter Index: volumes 5 and 6
v. 21, no. 2       Otis Grey Rucker, Auctioneer
June 2010        Ruckers in Fiction: Mark Twain
                      Dollarhide's Five Rules
                      William Henry Rucker
                      Maj. L.H. Rucker and the Klondike
                      Lt. John Anthony "Tony" Rucker
                      Newsletter Index: volumes 7 and 8
v. 21, no. 3             RFS Reunion Plans
Sept. 2010             Lynchburg Batteaux Festival
                            Belle Grove, Fauquier Co., VA
                            John Rucker Scholarship
                            Presley Rucker's Burglar Alarm
                            Ahmed Rucker Part I
                            In Memoriam
v. 21, no. 4      2010 Reunion Report
Dec. 2010       The Rucker Ambulance Wagon
                     Ahmed Rucker Part II
                     Elk Hill Farm, Amelia Co., VA
                     Henry Cowles Rucker's Elk Hill
                     Paul Mize Becomes a Rucker
                     Newsletter Index: volumes 8 to 10
v. 22, no. 3             Henry Allan Rucker
Sept. 2011              Mike Rucker, Marathoner
                            In Memoriam
                            Gen. Daniel Henry Rucker
                            Ruckers in "Gunsmoke" Series
                            Newsletter Index: volume 12, 13
v. 22, no. 4      2012 Rucker Reunion
Dec. 2011       Rucker-Dearing Feud: Amherst, VA
                     In Memoriam
                     Moses Peter Rucker Autobiography
                     Newsletter Index: vol. 11, 13 and 14
v. 22, no. 1,2   A Tale of Six Sudies
Mar/Jun. 2011 A World of Names
                     RFS Grows to 1,000 Members
                     How Much Was It Worth?
                     Ruckers in the News
                     Ruckersville Church Burns
                     In Memoriam
                     Gen. Daniel Henry Rucker, Part I
                     Newsletter Index: volumes 10 to 12