Research Resources
Here are some of the books and articles which have been used by others to research their Rucker family histories.
The Rucker Family Genealogy, Sudie Rucker Wood. Old Dominion Press, Richmond, VA, Copywrite1932 reprinted 1991.  

Copies are available here 

As of 28 Jan. 2020, the price is $56 soft cover and $70 hard cover. If you are a member of the Rucker Family Society, you can purchase a hard cover for the soft cover price.

An online digitized copy of this book is available at  

An updated edition of this book is being written by Jeannie Brydon, past president of the Rucker Family Society, and a direct descendant of Sudie Rucker Wood.  Please send her your updated family information for future publication.
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America's Ruckers and Kin in Early Middle Tennessee, by J.E. Bunch
Rucker Heritage by Alice Rucker Allen, Morgan Print Company, January 1 1993.