The following is the will of John Rucker, dated, Jan. 11, 1742, and recorded, Jan. 28, 1742/1743 (old style/new style) (W.B. 3, p. 436), Orange:

     "In the name of God Amen, I, John Rucker of Saint Marks Parish in the county of Orange, Planter, being weak in Body, but of perfect mind and Memory and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Dye Do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in mannner and form as following.  Imprimis I do order that all my Just Debts & funeral Charges be paid and satisfied.  Item, I give to my well beloved wife Susanna Rucker, four negroes, namely Bristol, Tony, Doll & Sue and one third part of my household Furniture & Stock, Horses excepted, one horse I give to my wife named Roger, the mentioned negroes to remain my wife's no longer than her widowhood after to be sold and divided as the rest of my Estate hereafter mentioned. Item, I give to my son Peter Rucker one black horse called Jockey and his choice of my guns.  Item, I give to my son John Rucker one Gray horse Called Oglesby and a gun the next choice after his brother.  Item, I give to Thomas Wright Belfield one lot in Fredericksburg No. 5 to him and his heirs forever.  My desire is that one half my land on the Branches of James River may be sold by my Ex'rs for six months Credit to the highest bidder, likewise my Wagon and five horses & horse kinds in the same manner in order to pay my debts, I likewise leave My dwelling house and Land thereunto Adjoining to be sold at the direction of my Ex'rs, if my debts can't be complied with; if they can be the dwelling house and land to remain my wife's during her widowhood.  If she marry to be sold by way of Auction.  Item, I give to my well beloved sons Peter Rucker, John Rucker, Ambrose Rucker, Benjamin Rucker, Rueben Rucker, Isaac Rucker, Anthony Rucker, and to their heirs forever half the land I hold on the Branches of James River to be equally divided between the seven brothers, the rest of my estate I desire equally divided among my beloved children as follows.  Peter Rucker, John Rucker, Sarah Rucker, Winifred Rucker, Ambrose Rucker, Benjamin Rucker, Rueben Rucker, Isaac Rucker, Anthony Rucker, Mildred Rucker, Phebe Rucker to them and their heirs forever.  Item, I give to my Daughter Margaret Smith one Shilling Sterling and lastly I do constitute and appoint my beloved wife Susanna Rucker my Ex'r and my beloved son Peter Rucker and my beloved friend George Taylor my whole and sole Ex'rs of this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking, Disannuling all other Testaments and wills by me made. Confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this XI day of January 1742.

                                                                      John Rucker  (Seal)

Above from Sudie Rucker Wood, The Rucker Family Genealogy, reprinted 1991, p. 8
The reader may wonder what circumstances led John to leave his daughter, Margaret Smith, only a single shilling! Jeannie Brydon surmises that since Margaret was his only married daughter, he had already given her a dowry.
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