DNA Rucker Surname Project

The Rucker Family Society has partnered with Family Tree DNA in a project designed to delineate all Rucker family lines, and to trace our ancestry to its European origins.  Genetic testing is the only means available to confirm our genealogical research in documents and oral histories.  In the absence of any paper trail, or to extend it beyond a research dead end, genetic evidence can confirm or refute potential relationships and be invaluable to the genealogist.  

All males with the surname Rucker, or its variants, are encouraged to participate in this endeavor.  The more participants, the better the chance that all Rucker lines will be identified.  Although Peter Rucker, 1700 immigrant, has five known male descendant lines, other Rucker families immigrated to America in later years.  Genetic evidence is the ultimate means to identify all of these different lines.  The Rucker Family Society is encouraging efforts to establish contact with European Ruckers who would be willing to participate in the surname study. Thus, identification of a common ancestor for American and European Rucker families could establish the ancestral link which has so far eluded traditional paper researchers.  

The author can attest from personal experience that the testing procedure is painless and simple. While not inexpensive, the test price compares favorably to what genealogists spend on travel, books, copying fees and subscriptions to support our hobby. The potential return of information is well worth the monetary cost. The project administrator will help recommend which level of test to be ordered from Family Tree DNA, our testing company partner. Since Y chromosome test results are identical for brothers, the cost of one test could be split by siblings, and the outcome would be applicable to all the male children of the same father.

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