Biographical Sketches of Thirteen Ruckers of Nineteenth Century Amherst County, Virginia

The Rucker Family Genealogy by Sudie Rucker Wood is one of the early published works on the family descended from the immigrant, Peter Rucker.  Her father served as a cavalryman for the Confederacy, and the book mentions many of his compatriots.  The following biographical sketches are meant to correct and clarify Wood's claims of Civil War service for the Ruckers of Amherst County.  The Amherst Mounted Rangers contained more Ruckers than any other company in the Confederate service.  Ruckers also served in infantry companies raised from the same area.  Interested readers may contact the author for a list of references for each sketch (Christopher Rucker:   Click on the pictures below for the biographical sketch. 
Godfrey Toler Rucker
Isaac Willis Rucker
William Richard Rucker
Isaac Henry Rucker
Paul Brown Rucker
Valentine H. Rucker
Ambrose Clark Rucker
Washington Irving Rucker
Marcellus Parks Rucker
William Ambrose Rucker
Daniel Henry Rucker
Addison Clay Rucker
Edward Lewis Rucker
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